Dreams Become True

written by Leyla Aliyeva from Azerbaijan

The first time when I received an email from American Councils about my replacement I had tears because of happiness. I got information that I am going to work in Massachusetts State House. Yes, Massachusetts (MA). Now I will tell you the story about why I was so happy about being replaced in this fantastic state. For many years (since 2006) I had a dream of coming to Massachusetts and visiting Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). You could ask me why MIT? Ok, there is a good reason behind it.

As I started studying IT in 2006 in Azerbaijan, I got to know about a world-known mathematician, computer scientist, electrical engineer, artificial intelligence researcher and professor who I could say “changed our world and made it easier for us.” His name is Lotfi Zadeh who was born in Azerbaijan and always considered himself “a world citizen” not only by his words and also by his work. In 1944, Zadeh entered and received his MS degree in electrical engineering from MIT, and in 1965 he proposed a new theory of fuzzy logic. I am not going to explain the details of this theory as it is too broad and full of mathematics 🙂 But I will briefly tell why this theory changed the world.

Hence, thanks to this theory and logic now we have washing machines that know when and how to do what. Or our air conditioners know when to stop making our room fresh/cold/warm and when to start to work again. Besides, almost all the equipment including dish washers, cars, engines, cameras, computers, medical devices, etc. we use in our real life, work by fuzzy logic.

Leyla in Cambridge at MIT.jpg

On the other hand, Massachusetts was always the heart of technology and center of education for me and many people who know more about this state. Finally, after 12 years I got an opportunity to come and see this fantastic state and visit MIT.

In my second week in State House, I presented on the topic of “Cybersecurity in Azerbaijan” to the representatives of House and professors from Bay Path University including president of the University. Thanks to this event which was organized by my office I had a chance to make a network with professionals in the field of cybersecurity and got an invitation to visit Bay Path University which was one of the best opportunities for me. During the visit to Bay Path University I met the President, Dean and two professors of the university and had a very productive conversation on the topic of “Women in Cyber Security”. Besides I had an interview for a news TV program and some newspapers in Springfield.


I also had a chance to learn more about American culture and life thanks to my host family. The best thing I love about American culture is to see people reading books almost everywhere including public transportation, which is excellent feedback about the society and level of education.

Finally, dreams become true, and I am sure these six weeks gave me many chances to improve myself in my career and personal life, to achieve my goals. This was the best opportunity – internship and culture experience I have ever had.