A Billion Trees of Aloha

written by Tetiana Simchuk from Ukraine

On my first Saturday in Hawai’i, April 27, together with other professional fellows I participated in the wonderful Community Service Project titled “A Billion Trees of Aloha”. The Project was organized by Eco-Opps together with IHC and hosted by Camp Palehua.

I was really pleased as my host family (host father & three host siblings) joined me for this important mission ;). We have got to know why Hawai’i now do not have the native forest that they used to have many years ago. The hosting organization is trying to bring it back. They experiment with the fertilizers and planting methods in order to ensure that the trees will grow. My family and I chose to plant a koa tree and successfully completed this mission following the professional guidelines of the Project team. Moreover, we even worked on some landscape design around the tree 😀

We have totally worked for much more than the required 3 hours during that day.

Billion Trees of Aloha was the first initiative of the World Youth Congress held in Hawaii of 2017. In partnership with Eco-Opps, the progress of the World Youth Congress delegates and participants around the world are now tracked on EcoOpps Worldwide Tree-map.

And you know what? Ukraine will also be on the map, as my friend Nataliia Shabalova  (Rivne, Ukraine) joined ‘A Billion Trees of Aloha’ project.

So, Nataliia together with her husband Andrii Mykhaliuk and her 5-year-old son Artur Mykhaliuk participated in the project by planting a tree in Rivne (Ukraine).

I believe that initiatives related to environment are a burning issue worldwide and I’m very pleased that I had an opportunity to join this meaningful Project.

Tetiana Simchuck Hawaii Volunteering

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