Georgetown University / First Week of Fellowship

written by Valentina Ilina from Russia

The Day at the Georgetown University became very special to me because of the opportunity to take a course of one of my favorite teachers – professor Sam Potolicchio. The such involving and outstanding lecturer, who always holds you in tension, inspires you, and stimulates your mind.

I attended his lectures five years ago at an International students forum in Russia and was deeply impressed. Life of each and every one consists of a lot of little important moments that impact our lives. And our success is also a result of dozens meetings and decisions. And maybe meeting Sam five years ago was one of the reasons I’m today where I am.


One of the things what impressed me most of all during the first week was how much attention U.S. citizens pay to impact their societies, to make it prosperous, to develop it.

This Monday we took part in the Lobby Day at the DC Council and gained first-hand experience what means “The Voice of Business” in the USA. When members of the DC Chamber of Commerce submitted a proposal to reduce taxes for business in the DC Government. It’s a great experience to see how business society can effect on Policy, using an opportunity to address their concerns directly to the Council members, meeting one by one.

Valentina and Adi at DC Chamber of Commerce

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